Independent Research Solutions provides a comprehensive array of research techniques, and we will design options around a project’s specific needs. If you have the question, we’ll find the answer.

From quantitative methods like surveys through to qualitative approaches such as in-depth interviews or focus groups, we will construct an approach that gets you the best possible information. We support these primary research techniques with an ability to search out the secondary resources that will assist the research process or better inform the findings.

All projects are different, and we can build an approach to suit. Whatever your needs – and budget – we will be able to help you.


Programme and Policy Evaluation

We always like to think that what we are doing is working and that it’s the best way to do things; that our theories are being played out in reality. Unfortunately, oftentimes that simply isn’t the case.

Independent Research Solutions can provide certainty around policy initiatives and programmes by systematically evaluating them. We can provide you with a certainty around what you are doing.

Furthermore, we realise that in many instances ideas fail to work not because they’re not good ideas, but simply because they are not being implemented quite well enough or just need some tweaking. If we find problems, we won’t just point them out – we will seek to solve them, and offer you a path to better outcomes.


Market Research

In tight markets, companies that find a competitive edge are the ones most likely to thrive. It’s not rocket science, it’s just good business.

Whether it’s more accurately identifying your market, or better understanding your customers, reliable information is a vital tool for good business; yet it is often overlooked.

If you currently undertake research, feel free to see how we might better help you. And if you are yet to embark on a systematic analysis of what you are doing in business, don’t feel daunted. Just as you’re happy to assist your customers with some friendly advice, so are we.

We will assist you in asking the right questions, before we even think about providing you with the answers.

Expert Evidence

Putting evidence before a court is a specialised skill. It’s one thing having the knowledge; it’s another putting it in a form that is suitable for the courts.

Members of our team regularly consult on legal matters, often providing affidavits or evidence for the courts.

We can provide expert evidence for lawyers working on cases in many areas of crime and justice, particularly in areas of gangs, organised crime, and the extreme right, and with networks throughout academia we can connect you with people who have the specialist knowledge in other fields as well. These opinions can range from broader comments and correcting common misconceptions through to commenting on the facts of specific cases.

Literature Reviews and Document Research

Whether you need to track down elusive data or documents, or get a better understanding of studies that already exist, we can help you out. If there’s one thing we know it’s ferreting out information from libraries and databases.

While we strongly believe in the importance of primary research, we don’t believe you have to reinvent every wheel. Existing studies or documentation can assist in constructing a research plan, or in helping to put results into a better perspective or clearer context.

Either as a standalone endeavour or as part of a wider inquiry, our ability to gain a thorough understanding of what already exists is one of our key strengths.


Court Reports

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