Section 27 Cultural Background Reports

When it comes to sentencing, understanding an offender’s background is essential to making the right call.

Our team can provide Section 27 cultural background reports for any offender, no matter their background, history, or offending, and follow a trauma-informed method that gets the best out of our clients in the most respectful and collaborative way possible.

Our reports have been praised by the courts for the insight that they provide into offenders’ lives and the value that they add to the sentencing process. By providing the court with detailed information, this allows judges to make the most appropriate sentencing decisions.

We understand that the courts run on a tight schedule, so our reports always arrive on time.

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Feedback from judges and lawyers

“… a report that in my view is very well written and detailed. It has been extremely helpful … and I congratulate [lawyer’s name] on being able to find persons of the calibre of the persons who wrote this report which is quite out of the ordinary of such reports”

“Wow. Very very good indeed. You do him and his story justice.”

“His Honour remarked that it was a very well-written and positive cultural report. It was an extremely good result for him and was a case where your cultural report made a huge difference to the outcome.”

“Just reviewed your report. It is awesome. Thank you!”

“I just wanted to let you know how valuable the s27 reports are both for sentencing and also when matters reach the Parole Board in terms of a great depth of knowledge of the offender.”

“The Judge said he read the report really carefully. He clearly took it on board.”