How we work

While we are an independent organisation, we have strong links to the university sector where we draw upon the most up-to-date research techniques and technologies.

Every project is different, so we design each approach individually to suit your needs. Our methods are scientifically rigorous, but we also make sure that our reports are straightforward, easy to read, and fit for purpose. We pride ourselves on technical ability but also on practical application. Tell us your problem and we will give you an answer that you can trust as well as understand.

Great quality doesn’t have to incur great cost. We will design research to suit your budget.


We adhere to the highest principles of ethical research. We approach research openly and honestly, and we maintain an objective stance to ensure our results can be relied upon. We will always reveal our methodologies and we will not publish research without disclosing who funded the work.

Our commitment to the integrity of our results as well as to our clients and our research participants is unwavering.

Researching sensitive areas presents a range of challenges. When investigating such areas, it is important to be mindful of the impact of the work on the participants. We are committed to doing great work in the best possible way, and that means looking after our participants.

Further to this, issues of confidentiality are vital to building good relationships. When we are spoken to in confidence, it stays in confidence.

Community Sector

Some of our most important work is done in the community sector. We believe in the great work that groups do for people and the environment up and down the country.

Often it can be hard to take a step back and look at exactly how well programmes and services are working – especially when you’re busy with the day to day business of helping people in need. We can help community groups to ensure that they make the best use of their scarce resources by evaluating what they do and how they do it.
Sound research also ensures that community group funders are funding programmes that actually work.

We are committed to this endeavour by providing low cost services that can be made to fit even the tightest budget.